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Our Top 10 Reception Snacks

By Patrice Davis

Every year, something new pops up that is a must-have for your wedding. Chocolate fountains, candy tables, photo booths, Instagram hashtags and more keep the wedding world fun and trending. Now in 2018, it’s the year of the snacks. Guests are dancing, drinking and having the time of their lives. Add some bite-size favorites, some grease, some sugar and keep the party going through the end of the night. Here are our Top 10 late-night snacks for your shore weddings.

Boardwalk Favorites: Nothing says the seashore like a slice of hot, gooey boardwalk pizza, or a paper bag of boardwalk fries and ketchup. It’s the perfect end to a shore-themed reception and a yummy snack to soak up all those “refreshments.”

Toasted Breakfast Sandwiches: Is it pork roll or Taylor ham? North and South Jersey are split on that one. Whatever you call it, this treat featuring breakfast meats, cheese and egg can be wrapped and ready for the guests to grab on their way out to end the night deliciously!

Philly Soft Pretzels: Helpful hint – a number of soft pretzel vendors in the area will deliver these delights fresh from the oven! Pair them with a mini bottle of soda or a customized water bottle and keep the party going for just a little bit longer.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: The smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, paired with a glass of milk. Grab one and head back to the dance floor, or take two and rest those feet!

Mister Softee: The shore’s iconic soft-serve treat pulls up to the front door and takes orders from guests. Be sure to get a photo of you and your new hubby in front (or even inside)!

Sliders and Beer: After a long night of dancing, snack on a mini Kobe beef slider, with ketchup and a pickle, and take a sip of cold beer served in an adorable mini beer mug. So cute!

Cereal Bar: Display bowls of everyone’s favorite childhood cereals with jars of milk – Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Kix, we can’t decide and might just try them all!

Popcorn Bar: A sure shore treat is a bag full of Johnson’s popcorn. Pick up different flavors of this world-famous boardwalk snack, and let your guests decide their favorite.

Mini Cheesesteaks: Do you want that “wit whiz,” “prov, no onions” or classic style? Cheesesteaks may come from Philly but, hey, so do most of you! Bring a touch of home to your shore wedding and merge the best of both worlds.

Donut Wall: Everyone has their favorite shore bakery, so why not introduce your morning favorite to your late-night guests? From donuts to crumb buns, pick up a few baker’s dozens of these sweet treats and celebrate a sweet life together!