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The 'Perfect' First Dance

By Patrice Davis

As we head to print this fall with the second 2018 issue of Shore Weddings Magazine, we have an office-wide joke that seems to come up quite often:

Co-worker 1: “Guess what this couple’s first dance is?”
Co-worker 2: “Perfect.”

That is correct. We follow wedding trends from greenery to cakes, cocktails to entrances, but one trend that sticks out for the masses is the sheer obsession with this song!

And as the working mother of two young kids and an endless schedule of activities mixed in with chicken nuggets and Goldfish, at the end of the day, YES, I want to dance in complete silence, barefoot, in the dark (in sweatpants and crusted macaroni and cheese on my shirt). And at a moment when I want to pass out from exhaustion, I so sincerely want my husband to whisper, “You look perfect.” Ahem … here’s looking at you … husband. 

  1. We get it. This ode to a loving couple that looks to a future of children and family and longtime love is the “perfect” song for the newlyweds’ first dance. And here are a few other fun facts we found on to further prove our (and Ed Sheeran’s) point!
  2. Well he found a woman, stronger than anyone he knew … We’re listing this first because we love it so much. This song was inspired and written for his then-girlfriend, now fiancee, Cherry Seaborn.
  3. It was also the first song he wrote for the album, “Divide,” while he was visiting James Blunt in Ibiza. The friends were literally barefoot on the grass, listening to their favorite song (rapper Future’s “March Madness” – which then makes this an odd twist of events, but we’ll go with it.)
  4. “Perfect” marked the first time Ed Sheeran collaborated with his brother Matthew, a final wish from their grandmother before she passed away. Matthew orchestrated the strings.
  5. As if it couldn’t get better – Queen Bey herself (Beyonce) partnered with Sheeran to release a new version of the song, “Perfect Duet,” in December 2017 – which helped to skyrocket the song yet again to the top of the charts.
  6. What’s more romantic than the best song, snow and the holidays? This music video! Which combines it all, featuring Ed Sheeran and a beautiful girl, Christmas, snow … and a kitten. YouTube it, you’re doing it already, right?