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Tips For Your Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

By Joanna Heston

Before you even became engaged, you were probably already thinking about who you wanted to stand by you on one of the biggest days of your life. This not only holds true for your bridesmaids, but also for your ring bearer and flower girl. Whether you choose your nieces and nephews, your best friend’s kids or even man’s best friend, there are sure to be some questions that arise. We’ve put together some helpful tips on selecting and entertaining the little ones in your wedding party. Remember, no matter who you choose, you will certainly reminisce on the adorable antics and memorable moments shared for years to come. 

How to Ask
Incorporate a fun way to ask your flower girl and ring bearer to be in your wedding! With local boutiques, bakeries and shops on Etsy, you are sure to find just what you want! From custom puzzles and ring pops for your “Petal Patrol” to badges and sunglasses for your “Ring Security,” be sure to consider their age and interests when deciding how to ask. Custom T-shirts, bibs and books like “The Best Ever Ring Bearer” or “Pinkalicious: Flower Girl” are some of our favorites. No matter what, have fun with it and make it unique to your relationship. 

Flower girls and ring bearers are arguably the cutest part of the ceremony and have been entertaining guests at weddings for generations. When planning on their attire, you’ll want to be sure that the outfits you select are both comfortable and seasonal. Be sure to have them try on their attire before the big day, too; making sure that their outfits fit well and aren’t itchy will avoid tears and frustration down the road. If you have more than one flower girl and more than one ring bearer, also make sure that the outfits you choose can be purchased or rented in different sizes to accommodate gaps in age. From tutus and miniature ballgowns to tuxedos, bow ties and suspenders, there are so many styles and looks to choose from. Accessorize your girls with flower crowns for an added touch; your florist can surely create something to match your bouquet.  

What to Carry
As the titles suggest, flower girls carry and throw flowers and ring bearers carry the rings while walking down the aisle. But most recently, a few new trends for alternatives are taking shape. Instead of flowers, your darling “Petal Patrol” could throw confetti, feathers, or even leaves for a fall wedding! Whatever you choose, just make sure they are environmentally friendly for your shore wedding. Another alternative to flowers is simply having your flower girl carry a ribbon wand or pinwheel. 

In the place of the traditional ring-bearer pillow, many couples are now choosing custom holders to reflect their interests and hobbies such as baseballs, glass terrariums, seashells and more, or fun signs that make for a great photo. Whether the sentiment includes “Has anyone seen the rings?,” “Hurry Up, I Want Cake” or “Uncle Zach, Here Comes Your Bride,” your guests are sure to get a kick out of this.

Getting Them Down the Aisle
When dealing with little ones, you should always be prepared for anything! Sure, they might want to break out in song and dance when it’s just the two of you, but when they are tasked with a duty in front of a crowd, you never know what you’re going to get. Before your big day, try to get them excited about their special job and practice their role. If possible, allow them to walk down the aisle with their parent, or sometimes with each other, to calm their nerves. Provide your on-site wedding coordinator or someone in the bridal party with sweet treats such as M&M’s as an extra incentive for getting to the end, too. If your flower girl and ring bearer are on the younger side, consider someone pulling them in a wagon or offering up a motorized vehicle to arrive in style. Anything goes! 

Keep Them Entertained
Everyone says your wedding day will be over in the blink of an eye and to enjoy every moment. While that is certainly true, it might feel like the longest day ever to your flower girl and ring bearer. While you and your bridesmaids are getting ready, be sure the kids can squeeze in their nap time and be sure to have plenty of snacks available for them throughout the day to ward off hangry children (yes, hangry is so real). Since you’ll be busy getting ready and there is a good chance that their parents are also in the wedding party, appoint an adult with whom they are comfortable to keep an eye on them throughout the day, and be sure to provide plenty of activities such as sticker books, bubbles and small toys. After dinner, they can join in on the fun and hit the dance floor with all the guests. They might even steal the spotlight!