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Dana and Paul's Wedding at Stone Harbor Golf Club

From a college town that runs deep with American tradition to a locale that runs deep with family tradition: Dana and Paul met at Gettysburg College and came together as future newlyweds in Ocean City, during a romantic oceanside proposal over Thanksgiving weekend. (Who can say anything but yes when tryptophan is involved?)

Dana was in search of classic elegance when it came to the ceremony and reception, and she quickly fell in love with the classic beach-town charm that exudes from the Stone Harbor Golf Club. Before the onsite ceremony, the couple and their attendants prepped for the big day in the spacious condos provided by the Windrift Hotel Resort. As Dana walked down the aisle, bridesmaids sported a pastel pink, groomsmen popped in navy blue, and all celebrated the couple’s love. There were accents of eucalyptus, greenery and white throughout.

If anyone has been to a wedding in Pittsburgh, odds are you have tasted some homemade cookies as one of the hometown traditions. And stealing this idea from a wedding they recently attended, the couple requested family to assist in creating a homemade cookie bar to serve as a favor. Additional custom touches included the couple’s signature drinks – a John Daly named “The Pauly Boy” and the “G-burg Jungle Juice” named for their kickback college roots. 

The Bake Works kept within the elegant and classic theme with a simple two-tier cake with textured vanilla icing. Little did guests know that the inside was a serious treat featuring chocolate fudge filling and a funfetti cake for all to enjoy.
This couple opted for a first look (ahem, we love this idea) and completed all photos before the ceremony, so they were able to take full advantage of the evening to greet, dine and dance with their family and friends. And following the most perfect “partayyyy evening,” off they went for some quiet time at another beachside locale – Antigua.

What we love: 
So much it’s honestly hard to pick. From the pale pink dresses, to the navy blue groomsmen suits, the cookie bar, the classic flowers, the simple and surprising cake. But we have to hand it to the ham of a ring bearer – “Has anyone seen the rings?” So cute!


Photos courtesy of Dana Cubbage Weddings


Color Scheme: 
Pastel pink | navy blue | green | white
Bridesmaid Dresses: 
Wtoo in light pink
First Dance: 
"I Won't Give Up," Jason Mraz
Wedding Date: 
Saturday, June 2, 2018
Stone Harbor Golf Club
Publication Issue: